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Vist our Facebook Page for up to date opening and event schedules!

Kitty Pause is opening late summer 2021 in Mesa, AZ!

What, you ask, is Kitty Pause Kitty Café? It’s a feline activity center offering a variety of planned activities throughout each week in addition to open visitation times. 

Kitty Pause will host many events with and around the kitties such as Yoga with Cats, Color with Cats, Bingo with Cats and others.  Pick out gifts for yourself and your cat-loving friends in the Katnip Boutique!  Free WiFi!

Partnering with Saving One Life, one of the Valley’s largest feline focused rescues, Kitty Pause will feature cats who are fully vetted and ready for adoption in a fun and playful environment.

Kitty Pause Kitty Café is THE Place to Pause and Play with Feline Friends!  Daily visits welcomed and encouraged! 

Let’s make it happen together!

Due to the COVID situation and the newness of cat cafes in the U.S. in general, it has been a challenge to obtain the funds needed to renovate and build out the space leased back in February 2020 for Kitty Pause in the Pavilions Shopping Center in Mesa, AZ.

You can donate by going to our donation page on facebook. The facebook campaign goes through Valentine’s Day.

OR, you can mail a check made out to Kitty Pause Kitty Café to 1837 W Guadalupe Rd, Suite 107, Mesa, AZ 85202. No expiration date on mailing checks.  😊

Help to make Kitty Pause a reality!   Join the Kitty Pause Kitty Crew by donating to the renovation fund today!

Please share the facebook fundraising link with friends and family who are also cat lovers.  Let’s grow a ground swell of support for Kitty Pause Kitty Café and raise the needed funds so we are ready to welcome you and your friends when you come to visit in the spring!

Kitty Pause will be a great community resource and a hub for feline fun and activity!

Keep checking back for updates on renovation. Or feel free to contact us for more info at (480) 450-1915 or

Kitty Pause Cafe

1837 W. Guadalupe Road, Suite 107
Mesa, Arizona 85202

The Cat Lounge

The Lounge is planned as a cat and people friendly space where you can meet, play, and cuddle the cats who reside at Kitty Pause while looking for their fur-ever homes. Plans include a life-sized climbing tree, wall perches and walkways for the cats.  They also will have plenty of play cubes, cat toys and scratching posts to enjoy as they play with each other and with you.

Comfy furniture, pillows and floor cushions will be available for you to enjoy as you play and cuddle with the cats as they play with each other and with you.  There also will be quiet spaces where tired kitties can take a cat nap.   The space is designed for playing, relaxing, and cuddling for you and the cats.

Enjoy the free WIFI!  Come to study and work in the company of the cats.

Activities and More!

Not only can you come and spend unstructured play time with the cats, you can also participate in planned activities throughout each week and month.

Make plans to join us on a regular basis to enjoy Yoga with Cats, Bingo with Cats, Movie Night with Cats, Meditate with Cats, and others!

Once Kitty Pause opens, the monthly schedule of activities will be posted both on the website and on the Kitty Pause Facebook page @KittyPauseMesa.  You will be able to make your space reservation online, on Facebook or by calling (480) 450-1915.

As long as COVID is a factor, space will be limited in each class.  So, remember to reserve your space early!

Saving One Life is excited to partner with Kitty Pause Kitty Café to showcase our fabulous felines in an inviting and comfortable space. We see Kitty Pause becoming a hub for feline lovers from around the Valley – a gathering place to enjoy feline company, find a forever feline friend and to participate in fun feline-oriented activities. As owner Marsha Ham says, Kitty Pause Kitty Café is “THE place to pause and play with feline friends!

– Carrie Neidorf, Director, Saving One Life Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Latest Updates on Our Progress

Getting There!

Getting There!

As of now, it looks like we will open in mid-July!! Renovations should be completed by mid to late June, which will give about two to three weeks for furnishing the space and for moving in kitties and settling them into their new home

More Progress!

More Progress!

It’s a new day and a new year!  The vaccines are getting into arms and the new president has been inaugurated peacefully. Take a deep breath and give thanks that 2021 is now underway and we are moving beyond 2020. Kitty Pause is making good forward movement, too....

Where did the year go?

Where did the year go?

Hello!  Where did the year go?! It is unbelievable that we are fast approaching the end of 2020.  What a year!  It is one that I am guessing most of us will be glad to leave behind.  COVID definitely wreaked havoc and will continue to do so into 2021.  Thank goodness...

Eight Months and Counting!

Eight Months and Counting!

Here we are about to enter the eighth month of living with COVID.  It is so sad to think of all the lives lost to this virus here in Arizona, in the United States and in the World.  As with everything else, COVID has had its effect on the development of Kitty Pause...

Eight Months and Counting!

Creating the Kitty Pause Cafe

Who would have ever thought that we would find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic as the month of April begins?  We send out our well-wishes to all our family, friends and cat lovers everywhere for your continuing good health and wellbeing. Kitty Pause planning...

A Special Thanks to Our Rescue Partner