Kitty Pause Kitty Café

Release Statement

Kitty Pause Kitty Café provides an activity space in which patrons and visitors play and interact with cats. The behavior of cats can be unpredictable at times and can result in a wide range of behaviors, some of which may be considered aggressive, without warning or provocation.

I acknowledge the above statements and: 

  1. Assume for myself and for any minors with me all risk associated with playing and interacting with Kitty Pause Kitty Café cats.
  2. Agree that I and any minors with me will treat the Kitty Pause Kitty Café cats with respect, care, gentleness, and with watchfulness for any signs of irritation or aggressiveness behavior.
  3. Accept my responsibility to review and to assure understanding and compliance with all Kitty Pause Kitty Café posted rules, regulations, and instructions for interacting with the cats by me and by any minors with me.
  4. Acknowledge that Kitty Pause Kitty Café employees, volunteers or staff will be on the premises at all times, but that I and any minors with me will not be supervised.
  5. Agree that I nor any minors with me will engage in any activity that may injure or otherwise harm the cats in any manner. Failure to comply with rules and instructions may result in ejection from Kitty Pause Kitty Café without any paid fees refunded.
  6. Confirm that any minors with me shall be supervised by me at all times.
  7. Agree, on behalf of myself and any minors with me, and promise not to make or to pursue any legal actions against Kitty Pause Kitty Café LLC and will indemnify and hold harmless Kitty Pause Kitty Café LLC and its owners, employees, and volunteers and Saving One Life Rescue and their volunteers from any and all claims and any expenses caused by any negative action or inaction that I or any minors with me may have experienced or caused.

Alternative Form for Waiver

Are you a volunteer with Saving One Life or do you have a Free Pass? If so, you may need to fill out either the printable or alternative online waiver. Either one is valid.

If you booked your session through our online booking software, you do NOT need these forms. You signed the waiver at checkout.

Download printable waiver

Download and print the waiver if you are not signing up using the booking software. This is only needed if you have a free pass or are a volunteer with our rescue partner.

Please have the completed waiver with you when you arrive. Waiver is valid for one year from date of completion.


Tap/Click here to view and print waiver

Fill out alternate form for waiver

Kitty Pause Kitty Café Release Waiver

Please complete this form if you are visiting and are not using our online booking software (free pass, Saving One Life volunteer). Waiver is valid for one year from date of completion.
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