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Here we are about to enter the eighth month of living with COVID.  It is so sad to think of all the lives lost to this virus here in Arizona, in the United States and in the World.  As with everything else, COVID has had its effect on the development of Kitty Pause Kitty Café.  All processes have slowed to a crawl.  Here is an update on where we are as of the end of September.

The city of Mesa provided us with feedback on the original renovation plans for the suite back in July. Not unexpected, they required certain “tweaks” to the plans to meet city codes.  Those tweaks involved expanding and reworking the electrical plans to allow for the additional air conditioning and wiring that they are requiring to meet new air flow codes from 2018.

They are also concerned that the cat noise (??) not disturb the Game Pub going into the suite next door to Kitty Pause!  Imagine. . .cat “noise” disturbing board game players and drinkers next door!  But concerned they are and are requiring that we add additional insulation between the suites as well as in the ceiling.

The bottom line is that we lost almost two months reworking the electrical and renovation plans for the additional air conditioning and will incur added expense to meet the new requirements.  The revised plans were finally submitted to Mesa the second week of September.  With any luck we should hear back from the city in early October.  No renovation can begin until we get the building permit from Mesa.

In the meantime, I have given a lot of thought to the plans for Kitty Pause and what my vision and goals are for it.  The original plan included a coffeehouse side to the suite.  As I rethought the current situation with COVID and the cost associated with building out a coffeehouse, I realized that my original goals had nothing to do with serving coffee and sweet & savory treats.

My passion is and always has been in opening and operating a great cat lounge and boutique in Mesa for cat lovers from everywhere – a place where cats and cat lovers meet to spend fun times together and a place where healthy, adoptable cats find their fur-ever homes with patrons who want to adopt a new feline friend.

That being said, I made the decision not to build out the coffeehouse.  The entire suite now becomes one giant cat lounge!  More space to play and frolic with kitties!!

My sincere apologies to all the cat lovers who are also coffee lovers.  We look forward to your visiting Kitty Pause anyway.  Feel free to bring your favorite coffee drink with you when you come!

We do plan to have coffee service, just not the fancy coffeehouse with espresso machine to go with it. We also will have packaged sweet and salty treats to purchase in the Katnip Boutique.

Given all the delays, we are moving the anticipated opening of Kitty Pause forward to January at the earliest.  Check back for progress updates as we move into the fall and winter.

Stay safe and wear your mask!