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by | Mar 26, 2020


I have had a long-term loving relationship with rescue cats. I adopted my first rescue cat, Hannibal, not long after I moved to Phoenix in 1990. Over the years since then, I have provided a loving home to a total of 11 cats. I now have a kitty family of seven cats including one special needs kitty, Harley.

In 2017 I was gifted with a visit to Kit Tea Cat Café in San Francisco. My friend Liz and I had a wonderful time drinking Japanese tea and playing with the cats. I came away thinking, “I could do that!”

In 2019, I retired from my fulltime position with A.T. Still University to develop and launch Kitty Pause Kitty Café.

Kitty Pause will be a hub for cat-centered activities designed to create a sense of joyfulness for both the visitors and the cats.

Kitty Pause will be one of Saving One Life’s adoption centers. You can get to know a potential new kitty member for your family in a great open setting. You also can engage in activities such as Yoga with Cats, Bingo with Cats and many more.

Come join the Kitty Pause family!


Greta’s Story

Greta picked me right before I was moving back to Arizona from Connecticut in 2015, Greta jumped up on the check-out desk at the vet’s office and rolled over on her back and started purring when I rubbed her belly.  “Does she typically do this?” I asked.  “No.”  Needless to say, I adopted Greta and took her home the next day. Three weeks later she made the 2,000-mile trip across the country with her new housemates, Sage and Tigger, and me.  She has ruled the family as the matriarch ever since.